On June 10, 2017 the second leg of the quinquennial art exhibition "documenta 14" opened in Kassel. The show will be on display for 100 days till September 17, 2017, around one million visitors are expected.

We are excited to present two new works by Romuald Karmakar as world premieres at the venue of Westpavillon (Orangerie), An der Karlsaue 20, 34121 Kassel, Germany.

BYZANTION, 14 min, is a commissioned film in two parts. It centers on the song "Agni Parthene" (O Virgin Pure), a Maria hymn of the Christian Orthodox world. Part one, the Greek version, was filmed with Archimandrit Nikodimos (Panos Kabarnos), a star of the Byzantine music world, at the church "Ieros Naos Analipseos tou Kyriou" in Neos Kosmos, Athens, Greece. The second part, the Church Slavonic version, was shot with the Brothers Choir of the Valaam Monastery, located on Valaam island in the Lagoda lake, a couple of hours north of St. Petersburg.

The film, a world premiere, is presented indoor at Westpavillon (Orangerie).

DIE ENTSTEHUNG DES WESTENS – VON DEN ANFÄNGEN IN DER ANTIKE BIS ZUM FALL VON KONSTANTINOPEL (THE EMERGENCE OF THE WEST – FROM BEGINNINGS IN ANTIQUITY TO THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE) is the second contribution by Romuald Karmakar to the "documenta 14" exhibit in Kassel. The video, an LED installation outside the edifice of the Westpavillon (Orangerie), displays the content as subtitles and runs for 75 min in German and then for 73 min in English.

The film, a world premiere, is presented outdoor at Westpavillon (Orangerie).